iVitos is a fully serviced and Cloud-based
physical Access Control solution.

Flexible solution

Benefit from excellent access control,
without investing in hardware or software.

Mobile Access

Using a smart device for controlling physical access control.

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Access Control
Fully serviced

All companies want to secure their core business. However, hardly any
company would like to invest in systems that do not directly contribute to
better financial results. That is why Vitani has developed iVitos.
iVitos is a fully serviced, cloud-based access control solution, that allows us
to offer you or your customer physical access control as a service.

This way, you or your customer can benefit from excellent access control, without
investing in hardware or software.

The iVitos access control system can be managed from any
location, on any webdevice and at any time, as iVitos is web-based.
You or your customer can easily log into iVitos from a mobile phone or tablet
and e.g. remotely unlock doors when a facility needs to be accessed.

iVitos is fully scalable, as it is based on a powerfull standard physical access
control hardware and the intelligent software that comes with it.
You can therefore secure as many doors as needed.

Whether the need is controlled access for only one door, or for an entire
enterprise with geographically dipersed locations, iVitos will provide it with
real-time access control which can easily be managed from any web-device.
It is always possible to upgrade iVitos to a full Security Management system
and therewith protect the initial investment.

With iVitos, you or your customer do not only benefit from excellent access control,
but also from video management and intrusion detection.


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